Small Dorm Room Storage Tips

By Alex Hutchison, recent college grad and marketing intern at American Made Dorm & Home.

As we all know, dorm rooms are tiny. For some of you, it may be the first time in your entire life you have had to share a room. When you combine the size of the room, or lack thereof, with the that fact that your roommate might be a complete stranger, let’s just say you have a lot to adjust to! Today, I am going to share with you some tips on storage in hopes of maximizing your dorm room!

  • Bring storage crates and storage solutions. Storage crates and bins will become your new best friend! I didn’t bring nearly enough with me, and ended up having to search for more once I got to school, which is harder than you think in a college town where everyone is buying the exact same things. Be sure to get all shapes and sizes in order to fill every space possible, as some are bigger than others. There’s a company we work with at American Made Dorm called Dorm Cubby, and they make these great storage units for either over the bed or over the desk.
  • Utilize your space.  My roommate and I decided bunking our beds was the best way to go. This still gave us some underbed storage, as well an entire wall to store everything else. It also made the room feel a bit bigger, which we really liked. Your closet is a great place to store things as well. Try a closet organizer for extra pockets! Also use a curtain like these made by American Made Dorm and Home to cover your closet! It allows you to hide all the clutter while adding a touch or personality to your room. They come in tons of fabrics and colors made to coordinate with their dorm bedding (comforters and duvets).
  • Only bring the necessities. Chances are you will go home at least once before the end of the semester so you should be able to get by with only that season’s clothes until then. I would highly suggest this if at all possible. Of course, bring a few things that aren’t in season just in case, because you never know what Mother Nature might decide to do!
  • Bring dual purpose items. Try to get items that can be used for multiple things. For example, they make storage ottomans that are perfect for storing your scarfs, or even jeans, but also double as extra seating or maybe even a nightstand. The more you can do with less in a dorm room, the better.
  • Don’t forget a message board!  One of the peel and stick message boards (or wall calendar) for the wall was a must. I kept notes and reminders on it every day.  They come with a dry erase pen that can hang from a hook so you don’t lose it. These are great and come in lots of colors that match up with your room decor. They can be moved so if you change your room layout, the message board or calendars just peel off the wall and can be postioned on another wall.  You can get those along with your dorm bedding at American Made Dorm & Home.


Making Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Leah Reed Foster, University of Georgia ’15, is a college rep for American Made Dorm.  She wrote today’s column.

Heading off to college can be a scary thing.  You leave behind your friends and family and are thrown into a new environment.  Even worse, you’re forced to share a shoebox with a potential stranger.  And how are you supposed to make this concrete box feel like something you can call home?  Well, I found that making my dorm room cozy and comfortable helped me to help me cope with all of these new changes.  Here are a few tips to help make your dorm room feel like home:

  1. Pick bedding fabrics and colors you love. I know this sounds a little self-explanatory, but the fabric you choose sets the tone for the whole room.  You can choose to go with muted colors for a more serene feel, or pick vibrant colors and make your room bright and fun.  Which ever route you choose, make sure you absolutely love it!
  2. You don’t have to match your roommate.  I know a lot of girls feel like they have to select matching comforters or duvet covers.  However, you can each show your own personality while still color-coordinating.  One of you may select a fun print, and the other may select a solid to compliment the pattern. 
  3. Curtains and Rugs make all the difference.  When I walked into my dorm room for the first time, I was appalled that someone expected me to live in a cement block.  However, adding curtains and a rug really warmed up the space.  The fabric provides a contrast and softens harshness of the floor and walls. It also can add a pop of color to break up the beige walls and floor.  Curtains also help block out that early morning sun on Saturday mornings! NEWvalance_00020W_LP_S
  4. Pictures…lots and lots of pictures. Pictures remind you family and friends from home. Soon you’ll be adding new pictures of friends whom you meet at school that become like family.

Though college can be a scary place, it is filled with so many new adventures that can be the start of the rest of your life!

Leah Reed Foster
University of Georgia ‘15
American Made Dorm® Campus Rep